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Ginger tea with cinnamon – a step-by-step recipe with a photo on

Description of the preparation:

In addition to the bright aroma and taste, the drink will turn out to be very useful, it is recommended to prepare it in the season of colds and ARVI diseases, as ginger tea with cinnamon enhances immunity, restores strength and gives the body vitality and good mood, especially in the morning. You can replace sugar with honey, but add such a sweet ingredient only when served in cups.

The main ingredient:
Ginger / Cinnamon / Spices, seasonings
Beverages / Tea

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Cinnamon Ginger Tea - Step 2 Photo

Peel the ginger root and rinse it, cut into slices and put in a pan in which you are going to make tea. Do not add more than this norm of ginger to 0.7 liters of liquid, otherwise you will get a drink with a bitter taste. Sprinkle granulated sugar and sprinkle cinnamon sticks. If desired, instead of sugar, you can use flower honey, but you need to add it only to a drink that has cooled down to 35 degrees so that it does not lose its useful properties.

Cinnamon Ginger Tea - Step 3 Photo

Pour in warm water, place the container on the stove and bring its contents to a boil, cook at minimum heat for 5-6 minutes, covering the container with a lid. Turn off the heat and pour ground cinnamon into the tea, although you can use only the spice in the sticks – at your discretion.

Cinnamon Ginger Tea - Step 4 Photo

Stir the ginger tea, let it cool slightly. If desired, at this moment you can add a couple of slices of lemon, fresh mint leaves, etc.

Ginger Tea with Cinnamon - Step 5 Photo

Pour the drink into the teapot, serve to the table.

Cinnamon Ginger Tea - Step 6 Photo

Pour into portioned cups and enjoy the aroma and taste of your drink!

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