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Garnish for fish – a step by step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

To prepare a side dish for fish, you need bulgur and a set of vegetables. For this, take tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. It will turn out satisfying, tasty and affordable for any family!

For lunch / For dinner
The main ingredient:
Cereals / Bulgur
Side dishes

Prepare the ingredients on the list for preparing a side dish for fish.

Garnish with fish - photo step 2

Cook bulgur according to the instructions. I had a bag of bulgur. Dip it in boiling salted water and cook on moderate heat for 25 minutes.

Garnish with fish - photo step 3

Drain and open a bag of bulgur.

Garnish with fish - photo step 4

Peel the onions and bell peppers, cut the vegetables into cubes.

Garnish with fish - photo step 5

Dice the tomatoes.

Garnish with fish - photo step 6

Fry vegetables in a pan with the addition of vegetable oil for 3-4 minutes.

Garnish with fish - photo step 7

Pour hot cooked bulgur to the vegetables.

Garnish for fish - photo step 8

Stir the resulting side dish, add spices to taste, cover the pan with a lid and simmer the bulgur with vegetables for another couple of minutes.

Garnish for fish - step 9 photo

Ready-made garnish for fish immediately serve to the table, adding finely chopped greens. Bon Appetit!

Important! The video may differ from the text version of the recipe!

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