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Easy Easter – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

Light cottage cheese Easter does not require baking, but it needs to be cooled and pressed for several hours in order to get an embossed pattern on the dessert. To do this, you need a special shape in the form of a quadrangular cone. It is advisable to spread the curd mass in a double layer of gauze.

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Easy Easter - photo step 2

Put the cottage cheese in a deep container and wipe thoroughly with a fork, breaking up large lumps. Divide the chicken egg into yolk and white. Add the yolk to the cottage cheese, use the protein in another recipe. Add sugar, add vanilla sugar if desired. It is very important that the egg is of a farmer's quality. You can boil it and add boiled yolk instead of fresh yolk!

Easy Easter - photo step 3

Rub the zest from the lemon directly into the container with the curd.

Easy Easter - photo step 4

Melt the butter lightly in the microwave or water bath. Pour into a container. You cannot replace butter with margarine or spread! Stir all the curd thoroughly so that all the ingredients are evenly mixed with each other.

Easy Easter - photo step 5

Line the pan with a double layer of cheesecloth with the ends hanging down onto the plate. Put the curd mass into a mold and tamp.

Easy Easter - photo step 6

Fold the edges of the gauze inward and place the oppression. Place the entire mold in the refrigerator or place in the cold for about 2 hours to freeze the butter.

Easy Easter - photo step 7

After the specified time, open the ends of the cheesecloth, turn the mold onto a plate and pull the edges of the cheesecloth. Easter will fall out of shape onto the plate. Decorate it to your liking and serve.

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