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Ducane Chicken Soup – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of preparation:

You can lose weight deliciously and comfortably without experiencing hunger. Ducane chicken soup to help you, cooking it is very simple and fast. Your body will thank you!

For lunch
The main ingredient:
Bird / A hen
Diet food / Slimming Recipes

Prepare the ingredients.

Ducane Chicken Soup - Step 2 Photo

Wash and put chicken breast in water, put on fire.

Ducane Chicken Soup - Step 3 Photo

In the process of cooking, remove the foam, add the onion, cut into two parts, at the end of cooking it will need to be removed. Cook the broth until the chicken is cooked.

Ducane Chicken Soup - Step 4 Photo

Cut the boiled chicken breast into pieces, place in the broth again.

Ducane Chicken Soup - Step 5 Photo

Shake one egg.

Ducane Chicken Soup - Step 6 Photo

When stirring, introduce the egg into the broth, salt to taste.

Ducane Chicken Soup - Step 7 Photo

Serve chicken soup with chopped dill or parsley. If desired, you can pepper. Delicious chicken soup will allow you to easily avoid feelings of hunger and at the same time not gain extra pounds. Lose weight tasty!

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