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Diabetic grocery basket in Russia

The number of patients with diabetes increases by 5-7% annually, and their number doubles every 15 years. In addition, there is a tendency to rejuvenate the disease. The active use of easily digestible carbohydrates, in particular sugar, is one of the causes of the metabolic syndrome, which includes obesity, atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus. That is why the World Health Organization is concerned about informing the population about the problems and labeling of diabetic products for the convenience of consumers, and in Russia the Russian Diabetes Association is engaged in these issues.

In addition to regular publications in the media, RDA has an active information policy on the Internet, in particular, on its official website, as well as holds healthy nutrition forums, organizes meetings and events for patients with diabetes.

“At the moment in our ranks there are many well-known personalities from Herbert Wells (posthumously), a science fiction writer who had diabetes to the famous football players of this day – Pele, for example,” commented M.V. Bogomolov, the current President of the RDA. Also, RDA experts take part in the forums of the Chamber of Commerce and raise relevant issues at meetings of the State Duma.

Woman at the grocery store

“We have created safety criteria that a food product must meet in order for it to be recommended by the Russian Diabetes Association. There are norms of consumption, for example, carbohydrates, fats. Physiological and those recommended for people with diabetes. They are spelled out in various methodological recommendations, mainly of the Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety, – says Mikhail Bogomolov. – There will be a completely different effect when housewives, grandmothers who buy in the store – these are the main decision-makers, what to choose – they will understand that you can buy the same taste for the same price, but with much better qualities for family health in whole. "

From the outside it may seem that it is enough to remove a dangerous ingredient from the composition or reduce its quantity so that the finished product becomes available to a large group of people. But in reality, everything is different: the consumer ceases to recognize the taste and refuses to buy such a product. Therefore, manufacturers have to either look for a replacement ingredient, or gradually and gradually reduce its amount in the composition, so that the buyer gets used to this taste.

Today, diabetic food products on the Russian market are practically not regulated by law. According to technical regulations, specialized food products are considered and evaluated as medicines. But ordinary products, such as sauces or carbonated drinks, are basically impossible to position as a healthy diet. Hence the acute shortage of certified products. At the same time, the official list of diabetic products includes confectionery products, as now confectioners are trying to stand out by replacing part of the sugar with fructose, sorbitol or stevia.

Diabetic Products

But when it comes to products of other groups, for example, seafood or ketchup, they simply do not position themselves in the field of healthy nutrition. Of the same ketchups, only 1 example is known in Sweden, when ketchup was recognized as suitable for consumption not only by healthy people, but also by patients with diabetes mellitus. “In Russia, so far only a separate variety of ketchup under the brand name Maheev also meets these requirements,” said Mikhail Bogomolov.

Warm vegetable salad with khepup "Maheev"

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