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Deners in pita bread – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Colorful and satisfying donors in pita bread can be prepared in 10-15 minutes and served for lunch, dinner or as a snack. So that the cabbage does not crunch too much, its slicing must be mashed with salt and fresh herbs. Garlic sauce or mayonnaise can be purchased at the store.

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Fry chicken and peeled potatoes in a pan or grill in advance.

Deners in Pita - Step 2 Photo

Slice white cabbage in ribbons and put in a deep bowl. Rinse and chop fresh herbs, add to cabbage. Instead of green onions, pickled onions can be used. Salt and gently mix with pressure so that the cabbage slices highlight the juice.

Deners in Pita - Step 3 Photo

Expand the pita bread on the board, grease one half of it with garlic sauce or garlic mayonnaise. Put the cabbage mass on the sauce.

Deners in Pita - Step 4 Photo

Rinse the tomato and cut it into half rings, cutting out the green core. Put on the cabbage.

Deners in Lavash - photo step 5

Cut the gherkins or pickled cucumbers into slices, put on the cabbage.

Deners in Pita - Step 6 Photo

Chop grilled chicken and grilled potatoes. You can fry french fries in advance.

Deners in Pita - Step 7 Photo

Pour the whole filling with sauce and roll pita bread, trying not to squeeze the filling so that the pita bread does not burst.

Deners in Pita - Step 8 Photo

Fry the donar on both sides either in an electric grill or in a frying pan without oil.

Deners in Pita - Step 9 Photo

Cut the donor in pita bread in half and serve hot, with sauces, sour cream of any fat content, thick yogurt or a sour-milk drink.

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