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Cutlets according to an old recipe – a step by step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

You can cook cutlets according to an old recipe for everyday or any holiday menu. Cutlets are very tasty and will certainly appeal to everyone. They can be frozen for future use, since onions are not present in the composition, such cutlets can be stored for a long time. Serve cutlets with any garnish or on your own.

Prepare all the ingredients.

Old-Style Cutlets - Step 2 Photo

Crush the bread with your hands, pour milk.

Old-Style Cutlets - Step 3 Photo

Grind the meat with a meat grinder or blender.

Old-Style Cutlets - Step 4 Photo

Add bread soaked in milk.

Old-style meatballs - photo step 5

Grind everything again so that the mass becomes homogeneous.

Old-Style Cutlets - Step 6 Photo

Add grated butter, salt and ground pepper to taste.

Old-Style Cutlets - Step 7 Photo

Mix everything well.

Old-Style Cutlets - Step 8 Photo

From the prepared meat, form the patties with your hands, roll them in flour and breadcrumbs.

Old-Style Cutlets - Step 9 Photo

In this form, cutlets can be frozen or immediately fry them in a pan on both sides until golden brown.

Old-Style Cutlets - Step 10 Photo

Cutlets according to the old recipe are ready. Enjoy your meal!

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