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Custard with flour – a step by step recipe with photos on

Description of preparation:

Custard is one of the most popular. With it they cook a variety of pastries. In principle, everything is very simple and fast. Only your attention and careful implementation of the recipe is needed. It is best to mix the cream during the brewing process with a whisk. If you're still new to custard, then do so. Pour the mixture of yolks, sugar and flour into the still cold milk, and then stirring constantly until the cream thickens. This will take longer, but it will be easier to get rid of lumps if you have them. I prepare such a cream on the yolks, but you can take whole eggs.

The main ingredient:
Milk products / Milk / Flour
Dessert / Cream

Prepare the ingredients for the custard.

Custard with flour - photo step 2

Pour milk into a pan with a thick bottom and place on a stove.

Custard with flour - step 3 photo

Put yolks of chicken eggs in a bowl.

Custard with flour - step 4 photo

Add sugar and vanilla sugar.

Custard with flour - step 5 photo

Mix the yolks thoroughly with sugar.

Custard with flour - step 6 photo

Pour in flour.

Custard with flour - step 7 photo

Pour a few tablespoons of cold milk and mix so that there are no lumps left.

Custard with flour - photo step 8

When the milk in the pan begins to boil, pour the prepared mixture into it. Constantly mixing, bring the cream to a thickening.

Custard with flour - photo step 9

Cover the cream with cling joint to joint to prevent the formation of a crust on the surface of the cream. Put in the cold until cool.

Custard with flour - step 10 photo

Custard with flour is ready. Serve for dessert, layered cakes and pastries.

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