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Coffee yogurt – a step-by-step recipe with photos at

Description of preparation:

One of the important conditions is the fat content of the starting products. Indeed, the density of yogurt depends on them. Also note that the amount of coffee you can use more or less. With the indicated amount, noticeable bitterness is present in the yogurt.

On breakfast / At midday
The main ingredient:
Milk products / Milk

Prepare the right amount of ingredients.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 2 Photo

Pour 100 ml into a saucepan or saucepan. milk of the total. Heat it almost to a boil and remove. Add coffee.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 3 Photo

Stir well.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 4 Photo

Pour milk into the bowl. Add hot coffee milk to it. Stir. If the milk is not warm enough, warm it up. The temperature of the milk should be close to 30 degrees.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 5 Photo

Add yogurt to milk and mix thoroughly. It is important that the yogurt is at room temperature.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 6 Photo

Yogurt can be made both in a slow cooker and in a yogurt maker. I preferred the last option.
Pour the prepared milk mixture into clean, dry jars.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 7 Photo

Put the filled jars in the yogurt maker, close the lids.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 8 Photo

Turn on the yogurt maker. Set the time to 8 hours.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 9 Photo

Over time, turn off the yogurt maker. Transfer the jars to the refrigerator for 3 hours. After yogurt can be served.

Coffee Yogurt - Step 10 Photo

Enjoy your meal!

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