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Coconut urbech – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

Below I will tell you more about how to make coconut urbech. For this recipe, you need a powerful blender, it will determine how uniform the consistency is and how long it will take. Instead of coconut, you can also make coconut urbech, but it should not be defatted. Urbech can be used for making desserts, added to porridge, or simply eaten with a spoon.

Prepare your coconut.

Coconut urbech - photo step 2

Pierce the coconut, drain the water. Then split it into several pieces. Separate the shell from the coconut.

Coconut urbech - photo step 3

Peel brown coconut pieces with a vegetable peeler. Cut into cubes.

Coconut urbech - photo step 4

Grind the coconut pulp in a blender to a smooth, semi-liquid consistency.

Coconut urbech - photo step 5

Transfer the coconut urbech to a jar and refrigerate for storage.

Coconut urbech - photo step 6

Coconut urbech is ready, bon appetit!

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