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Christmas tea – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

Below I will explain in more detail how to make Christmas tea. If you have not found any ingredient, then as a last resort it can be replaced with an already crushed dried version. It will turn out to be less aromatic, but still tasty. Choose a good quality black tea without unnecessary additives. The drink turns out to be incredibly tasty, warming and aromatic!

Prepare all ingredients.

Christmas tea - photo step 2

Wash the oranges and grate the zest on a coarse grater. Then dry the zest in any convenient way. You can just leave it on for 1 day, you can use a dryer or oven.

Christmas tea - photo step 3

Heat all the spices in a skillet over medium heat until the aroma is revealed.

Christmas tea - photo step 4

Grind the spices into small pieces in a mortar.

Christmas tea - photo step 5

Combine tea, chopped spices and orange peel.

Christmas tea - photo step 6

Stir, transfer to a tight-fitting jar and leave for 1 week to soak in the aromas.

Christmas tea - photo step 7

Pour boiling water over the finished Christmas mixture and let it brew for 5-10 minutes. For 1 liter you will need 2.5 tbsp. tea.

Christmas tea - photo step 8

Christmas tea is ready!

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