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Cheese brooms for Halloween – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Witch's cheese broomsticks are a delicious and exciting appetizer that can be cooked very quickly. You do not need to cook, fry or bake anything – it takes about 2-3 minutes to create 1 broom, and if you connect your relatives, then in 10-15 minutes the dish will be completely ready for everyone.

To the festive table / Halloween
The main ingredient:
Milk products / Cheese

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Get regular salted straws and Pigtail cheese: salted or smoked (suluguni).

Halloween Cheese Brooms - Step 2 Photo

Open the cheese package and take it apart with your hands. Then divide each part into long threads. The finer you take it apart, the more magnificent your broom will turn out.

Halloween Cheese Brooms - Step 3 Photo

Cut the threads in half and connect. Place a stick of salted straw in the middle.

Halloween Cheese Brooms - Step 4 Photo

Connect the cheese threads around the straw and wrap the same cheese thread, tie its ends carefully so as not to tear. One cheese broom is completely ready!

Halloween Cheese Brooms - Step 5 Photo

Cook the rest of the panicles in the same way. Bring children and family to this exciting process.

Halloween Cheese Brooms - Step 6 Photo

Serve cheese brooms for Halloween, with beer for adults or with juice for kids.

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