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Cooking description:

We prepare such a cream cheese from kefir and sour cream, pre-freeze the ingredients, then defrost it – it’s not easier to come up with. This cream cheese is suitable for any desserts, it can be used for filling eclairs, puffs, it is also very tasty to serve such cheese with strawberries, banana, raspberries. We decided to make a cake – this cream cheese will be the perfect layer.

Prepare all ingredients. Choose good quality kefir and sour cream.

Cream cheese - photo step 2

Put the kefir and sour cream in the freezer right in the package. Leave the sour cream and kefir for 8-9 hours until they are completely frozen.

Cream cheese - photo step 3

After the indicated time, take out the kefir and sour cream, cut the packages and take out the kefir with sour cream. Now put the sieve in a plate, cover the sieve with a cloth or gauze. Put frozen kefir and sour cream in a sieve. Leave the ingredients on for 5-6 hours.

Cream cheese - photo step 4

After a while, the whey drains away, and a delicate creamy mass remains in the sieve.

Cream cheese - photo step 5

Transfer the cream cheese to a bowl and stir well.

Cream cheese - photo step 6

Cream cheese is ready!

Cream cheese - photo step 7

Use as directed.

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