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Cauliflower Tabula – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

As in the traditional version, for the salad we use tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh herbs. Cauliflower in the salad is young, without heat treatment. The result is a very crispy, mouth-watering and delicious salad, which can be served both for every day and for a holiday.

Prepare all the ingredients. Choose young cauliflower without spoiled places.

Cauliflower Tabula - Step 2 Photo

Rinse and dry fresh cucumbers, then cut into small cubes.

Cauliflower Tabula - Step 3 Photo

Rinse the tomatoes, dry, cut into medium slices.

Cauliflower Tabula - Step 4 Photo

Disassemble the cauliflower into inflorescences, then rinse and dry.

Cauliflower Tabula - photo step 5

Transfer cabbage into a blender bowl, chop at high speeds.

Cauliflower Tabule - Step 6 Photo

Combine cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers in a bowl.

Cauliflower Tabule - Step 7 Photo

Finely chop the greens and add to the salad, also pour oil, vinegar and spices.

Cauliflower Tabule - Step 8 Photo

Stir everything and serve the salad to the table.

Cauliflower Tabula - Step 9 Photo

Enjoy your meal!

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