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Caucasian salad with bell pepper and beef

Description of the preparation:

Thanks to apple cider vinegar, onion slices lose their bitterness and acquire a slight acidity. The salad is incredibly tasty, but at the same time very hearty. Together with bell pepper you can add a tomato, but then the dish needs to be served to the table immediately after its preparation.

For lunch / For dinner
The main ingredient:
Meat / Vegetables / Beef / Bell pepper
Kitchen Geography:

Prepare the indicated ingredients.


Boil the beef in a saucepan for about 40-50 minutes until soft. Then cool and cut with ribbons, cubes, laying the slices in a deep container.


Peel Bulgarian peppers of different colors from seeds by cutting off the lids. Rinse and cut into ribbons.


Peel the onions, rinse and cut in half. Cut half into small cubes or half rings, pour apple cider vinegar and leave for 10 minutes, then drain the liquid. Peel, rinse and grate the carrots in a bowl. Add squeezed onion slices there.


Add the suneli hops, salt and ground black pepper.


Rinse the dill, chop it and add to the bowl. Put mayonnaise of any fat content and mix gently.


Put the salad on plates and serve. If desired, it can be cooled before serving in the refrigerator.

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