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Description of the preparation:

Buckwheat smoothie is not only tasty, nutritious, but also very healthy. The drink increases hemoglobin, promotes better functioning of the circulatory system of the body, but they do not need to get involved. The main thing is to steam the cereals before cooking! Instead of banana, you can use mango, pear, melon, etc.

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Buckwheat Smoothies - Step 2 Photo

Soak buckwheat in advance in warm water for 20 minutes, after rinsing the groats and sorting it out, removing burnt grains.

Buckwheat Smoothies - Step 3 Photo

After this, drain the water from the container, and send the swollen groats to the blender bowl.

Buckwheat Smoothies - Step 4 Photo

Pour walnut kernels in there.

Buckwheat Smoothies - Step 5 Photo

Add sugar or flower honey to taste. Honey can be added at the beginning of preparation, since the drink does not lend itself to heat treatment. Those who don’t like drinks that are too sugary to taste can be advised to remove the sweetness from the list of ingredients, as a sweet banana is also added to the smoothie.

Buckwheat Smoothies - Step 6 Photo

Peel the banana, cut the flesh into circles in a container.

Buckwheat Smoothies - Step 7 Photo

Pour in milk of any fat content: warm or cold, to your liking.

Buckwheat Smoothies - Step 8 Photo

Grind the entire contents of the container using pulsating mode.

Buckwheat Smoothies - Step 9 Photo

Pour buckwheat smoothie into glasses or cups and serve immediately after cooking.

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