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Apricot marshmallow – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Such marshmallows can be prepared from both fresh and frozen apricots. Soft but not spoiled fruits are suitable for him. Agar-agar for this recipe has a gel strength of 1000 and if you have more or less strength, you will need to recalculate its amount. If you do not have a cooking thermometer, boil sugar syrup on a thin thread before testing. When removing a spoon from the syrup, it flows in a thin stream, and at the end it reaches into a string. If you want a more pronounced color, add some yellow food coloring.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for making apricot marshmallows.

Apricot Marshmallow - photo step 2

Wash, dry and remove the apricots. Cut into pieces and put them in a pan with a thick bottom. Pour 100 grams of sugar, cover and place on high heat.

Apricot Marshmallow - photo step 3

Cook for 2 minutes for the apricots to pour juice and the sugar to melt. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 4

The mass should boil up to 500 grams. Remove from heat and blender until smooth. Wipe through a sieve if desired.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 5

Pour in a puree 100 grams of sugar and mix until dissolved. Allow to cool completely.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 6

Pour agar-agar into the bowl and pour in cold water. Leave for one hour at room temperature.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 7

Transfer the apricot puree into the mixer bowl and pour in the cold egg white. Beat at high speed until lush air mass, which should increase by 2-3 times.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 8

Pour soaked agar-agar into a pot with a thick bottom and set on low heat. Bring to a boil and pour all the sugar at once. Simmer for 4-5 minutes to a temperature of 110 degrees. Remove and let stand for 2-3 minutes.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 9

Pour into a bowl with apricot mass in a thin stream, whisking at high speed. Beat to a stable, dense mass. She should keep her shape well.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 10

Immediately, while the mass is warm, transfer it to a pastry bag with an asterisk nozzle and place the marshmallows on a silicone mat or baking paper.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 11

Store in a cool place for 8-10 hours for complete stabilization. Sprinkle icing sugar on top of the marshmallows.

Apricot Marshmallows - photo step 12

If desired, they can be connected in pairs.

Apricot Marshmallow - step 13 photo

Enjoy your meal!

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