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Description of the preparation:

If you haven’t baked apple roses cupcakes yet, I recommend you do it sincerely, as it’s fast, beautiful, delicious. Cooking them is very simple, even an inexperienced housewife can do it. I share a step by step recipe. By the way, the recipe came to me from Italy, and there they know a lot about beautiful and delicious food!

Prepare the ingredients.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 2 Photo

Cut an apple and a half thin slices.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 3 Photo

Take a stewpan, pour 1 tablespoon (of the total amount according to the recipe), bring to a boil, put sliced ​​apple slices, boil for 2 minutes, let them lie in hot sugar syrup while doing the test.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 4 Photo

In a dough mixing bowl, grate the remaining half of the apple, add eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla sugar, softened butter, mix everything.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 5 Photo

Combine flour with baking powder.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 6 Photo

Pour the flour into a bowl to knead the dough, mix everything well, the dough is ready.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 7 Photo

Fill the paper capsules with the dough, but not completely, consider the rise when baking.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 8 Photo

Drain the sugar syrup from the apple slices.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 9 Photo

From the apple slices, roll the "rosette" and put in the center of the cupcake.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 10 Photo

Bake cupcakes at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Cool the prepared cupcakes, sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired.

Apple Cupcakes - Step 11 Photo

Apple cupcakes turned out not only beautiful, but also very tasty. Thanks to the addition of half a grated apple, they are slightly moist inside. I heartily recommend cooking!

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