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American dumplings – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Dumplings cooked in this way acquire a very interesting taste and aroma. A great option when you need to feed your home tasty and satisfying. Frozen spinach can be replaced with fresh leaves, and use absolutely any dumplings at your discretion.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for American-style dumplings.

American Dumplings - Step 2 Photo

Peel the carrots, wash and grate on a coarse grater. Pour the vegetable oil into the pan and add the grated carrots.

American Dumplings - Step 3 Photo

Wash the leek, wipe and cut the white part into four parts along. Thinly chop the onion and put in a pan with carrots.

American Dumplings - Step 4 Photo

Wash the tomato, cut in half and thinly cut the peel. Dice the tomato and put it in a pan with vegetables.

American Dumplings - Step 5 Photo

Sauté the vegetables over medium heat for 5-7 minutes, stirring.

American Dumplings - Step 6 Photo

Bring the broth to a boil, salt, pepper and add the fried vegetables.

American Dumplings - Step 7 Photo

Add chopped spinach and dumplings to the pan. Cook for 10-15 minutes, until dumplings are cooked. Remove from heat and serve immediately with sour cream and herbs.

American Dumplings - Step 8 Photo

Bon Appetit!

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