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A month to the summer! How to lose weight properly and not starve

The vast majority of diets make you feel constant hunger. As a result – irritation, apathy and inevitable breakdowns. If you want not only to lose weight, but also to remain in a good mood, and most importantly – well-fed, then take note of these simple rules.

Don't ignore breakfast

Even if you are not used to eating in the morning, nothing but a cup of tea or coffee comes in you, you will have to rebuild your body. Breakfast is an important part of good nutrition and healthy weight loss. Take your time to brew coffee. Allow yourself to wake up a bit, then eat and only then drink coffee.

Think Snacks


Between the main meals there is a slight, and sometimes a strong feeling of hunger. It makes you reach for candy or cookies, consuming a huge amount of extra calories. Take care of snacks in advance! Prepare a few slices of cheese, natural yogurt or kefir, some dried fruits. Between breakfast and lunch, as well as between lunch and dinner, it is quite possible to have a bite to avoid feeling hungry and not increasing the amount of food eaten in the main meal.

Increase the number of vegetables on the menu and do not forget about fruits

Vegetables and fruits

High fiber and low fat and carbohydrate levels are the key to weight loss. Cook vegetable salads or snacks, eat not too sweet fruits.

Drink enough water


Water is a universal aid in losing weight. Be sure to drink clean water when hungry. You will be surprised, but in half the cases you mistakenly perceive thirst as a feeling of hunger.

Exclude sugar


Refusing sugar and fast carbohydrates can not only reduce appetite, but also lower insulin. You can easily lose weight without a constant feeling of hunger. Replace sugar if necessary with natural analogues – stevia or honey.

Prefer raw foods


Replace familiar simple foods with more useful ones. The diet should have whole grain flour, bran, brown rice, pasta from whole grains. Due to the high fiber content, such products give a feeling of satiety, not only faster, but also for a longer period.

Don't forget about proteins

Protein Products

Moderately adding protein to each meal will help you not to experience hunger in between. Low-fat meat, dairy products, eggs, legumes, a few nuts – all these products are best added to the diet in order to stay full longer.

Go to bed early


It is in the evening that most often there is an intense feeling of hunger. After an hour of internal struggle, many give up and reach for food. The easiest way to prevent this is to go to bed earlier than you want to eat. But not earlier than 2-3 hours after dinner. In addition, lack of sleep slows down the metabolism, so a good rest is just as important when losing weight, as are the foods you eat.

Remember that there are no quick fixes when it comes to proper and healthy weight loss. The best way to lose weight is to rethink your diet, activity, and lifestyle. If it’s difficult to change everything right away, introduce good habits gradually. Start with our tips so that losing extra pounds brings only positive emotions.

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