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5 diabetic feast tips

The "disease of civilization" annually captures hundreds of thousands of people in its networks. According to official data in the world alone, more than 422 million people have diabetes, of which 4.5 million are citizens of Russia. From this we can draw the sad conclusion that there is practically no such family in which there would not be a person struggling with this ailment.

I eat to live, but I do not live to eat

Diabetes is a very dangerous and insidious disease. Compliance with a special diet and an active lifestyle helps to control blood sugar and safely avoid complications. It is especially difficult to follow a diet at first, but it is even more difficult not to “break loose” during the holidays, when the risk of temptation is great. How to survive massive "feasts" without risking your health and at the same time fully enjoy your life, we will talk further.

Doctors prescribe medical nutrition (table number 9). This is a rather diverse set of products, from which, with the right approach, you can cook a lot of wonderful and tasty dishes.

The list of prohibited products includes:

  • fatty meats, various pastes, lard, smoked meats;
  • pastry, white bread;
  • sweets, including fruits with a high sugar content;
  • some types of cereals (white rice, semolina);
  • high-fat dairy products, including butter;
  • alcohol.

Without restrictions, you can eat most vegetables, because they have a low glycemic index. Any method of cooking, except frying. The basic principle is a minimum of fats and simple carbohydrates.

Top 5 Tips for a “Right” Feast

The diet of a diabetic should be varied every day. During a family celebration or gatherings with friends and colleagues, it is very important to think over your set of dishes in advance. It is one thing when you yourself prepare treats for the festive table, but what to do when you go on a visit?

Vegetable salad

Tip number 1. We choose dishes from the allowed products.

Ideal for cold dishes: vegetable salad with lemon dressing; steamed vegetables or stewed in tomato sauce, low-fat ham, jellied fish or meat.

From the first courses – any vegetarian soups, okroshka, lean soup.

The main course is fish or meat, grilled or charcoal, baked or stewed. As a side dish – buckwheat, brown rice.

Tip number 2. Do not give up sweets!

Yes, some people simply cannot live without sweets! You can choose a fruit salad (from the allowed fruits); sugar-free fruit and cheese desserts; jellies and marmalades prepared on agar-agar; dark bitter chocolate.

Water with berries and fruits

Tip number 3. To drink or not to drink?

Alcohol is a prohibited product. Sometimes, you can treat yourself to a pair of glasses of good quality red dry wine. Tea and coffee – sugar free, freshly squeezed natural citrus juices, fruit and vegetable drinks, water.

Tip number 4. Sauces and spices – spice up your favorite dish.

Sprinkle a piece of turkey baked on charcoal with spicy herbs. Or pour fragrant ketchup. Only the choice of the latter must be approached very carefully. If the sauce is prepared with your own hands, then no questions arise. And it is worth taking a closer look at the finished product: the composition should not contain either starch or sugar. For example, such a product is in the line of the brand “Maheev” – “Tomato” ketchup without sugar and starch.

Potato salad with ketchup "Maheev"

Tip number 5. Have fun and not get hung up on difficulties!

Most importantly, you must remember that diabetes is not a sentence. This is a way of life. He bursts in suddenly, but balanced nutrition and physical activity are his main enemies. Life is one, and do not miss the slightest chance to enjoy it to the full.

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