Chinese New Year 2021

Steamed Dumplings

Flour 400 gr.
Water 100 ml.
Eggs 2 pcs.
Sugar 1 tbsp.
Salt 1 pinch
Cottage cheese 400 gr.
Sugar 3 tbsp.
Yolk 1 pc.
Cooking process
Sift flour on the table, make a groove in the middle in the form of a crater. Pour sugar and salt inside the crater.
Pour in some water and start kneading the dough. Gradually add all the water, knead the soft dough.
Roll out the dough into a thin layer and cut out round blanks for dumplings with a glass
Mash cottage cheese with a fork, add sugar and yolk, mix.
Lay out the stuffing in the center of the circle of dough and carefully pinch the edges.
Fold the dumplings in a double boiler, at a short distance from each other.
Cook for 7-10 minutes. Serve hot with sour cream. Enjoy your meal!

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