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My lazy cabbage rolls

Well, let's get started, we need:

500 gr. minced meat (I have pork with beef)
100 gr. rice (preferably Krasnodar, not steamed)
2 eggs
fresh cabbage
fresh carrot
tomato paste, sour cream
favorite spices
approximate number will be seen in the photo


boil rice, grate carrots on a fine grater, chop the cabbage as small as possible, add minced meat, eggs, salt and pepper
of course, who likes onions, be sure to add, mix everything
Prepare the sauce, for this mix tomato. Paste and sour cream, add salt and your favorite spices
and then it’s everyone’s business, someone forms in the form of meatballs, someone in the form of cutlets and fry initially, but I’ve done everything quickly, because the cooking process I avoid, form in the form of meatballs and send in the form
pour the cooked sauce and send in the oven for 30 minutes
remove the finished dish))))) and decorate with greens.

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