Chinese New Year 2021

Mimosa salad".

250-300 grams of canned fish (salmon or sardine in oil);
5 eggs;
1/2 cup rice;
3-4 medium carrots;
bunch of green onions;
2 cups of mayonnaise;
ground black pepper;
salt – to taste.

Cook hard boiled eggs. Cook the carrots, peel and cool to room temperature. Cook rice and cool to room temperature. Put the canned fish in a small bowl, remove the bones and skin, mash with a fork. Finely chop the green onions.

Take a salad bowl with straight side walls (you can take a baking dish) and place a layer of rice about 3 centimeters thick on the bottom. Pour the mayonnaise on top.

Put a layer of fish on rice with mayonnaise and smear some mayonnaise on top again.

Sprinkle the fish with finely chopped green onions, season with ground black pepper and spread some mayonnaise on top.

Peel the eggs, separate the yolks. Grate egg whites on a grater and place on top of the onion. Salt some squirrels slightly and spread with mayonnaise.

Grate boiled carrots on a large grater, spread it on squirrels and gently press with your hands.

Cover the carrot with a thin layer of mayonnaise (spread it with a fork or spatula).

Crush the egg yolks on a fine grater or your hands and sprinkle the salad on top.

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