Chinese New Year 2021

Marinade fish

Wonderful, healthy and low-calorie dish, friends! It can serve as a separate dish, as well as a snack to anyone, even a festive table.

– Any fish – 600 g
– 3 large carrots
– 6 onions
– 3-4 tbsp. tomato paste
– salt
– spices to taste
– 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
– some sunflower oil for quenching


Grate the carrots / or chopped finely / on a coarse grater, cut the onion into half rings and simmer until cooked. For 2-3 minutes until ready, add tomato paste, salt, spices, herbs.
At the same time clean and let in the salted boiling water your chosen fish, cut into pieces. When the fish is almost ready, we release it from the bones and divide it into small pieces the size of a little finger.
At the bottom of the saucepan lay out a little pickle and fish in layers, then simmer until cooked over low heat.
2-3 minutes before that add salt, spices and vinegar. Let us brew for 4-5 hours. Amazing taste!
Enjoy your meal!

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