Chinese New Year 2021


Cook pizza in 10 minutes!

For the basics
– 3-4 medium sized potatoes
– 2 tablespoons flour,
– 1 egg, salt, pepper.

1. mayonnaise, garlic, 3 tomatoes, sausage, cheese (lots of cheese).
2. tools – a grater, a knife, a frying pan of small diameter, garlic press and VEGETABLE OIL.

1. Squeeze garlic into mayonnaise with a garlic press.
2. Whoever doesn’t welcome mayonnaise, then I can use adjika.
3. Dice tomatoes and sausage, cut cheese into plates (you can grate as you like).
4. Grate potatoes on a grater.
5. Put the flour, egg, salt, pepper in the ground mass.
6. On a hot frying pan with vegetable oil (preferably small in size, so that it would be convenient to turn the "pancake") put the mass of potatoes. Reduce the fire to small.
7. When the potato pancake is fried until golden brown, turn it over. do not add fire!
8. As soon as the pancake was turned over, we immediately rub it with mayonnaise (adzhika), put tomatoes, sausage, cheese.
9. Cover with a lid. It is desirable that the lid does not come into contact with the cheese, as it will adhere to it.
everything! pizza is ready.

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