Chinese New Year 2021

Lazy patties

– 0.5 liters of kefir
-2 eggs
-300 ml sour cream
-2 tablespoons Mayonnaise
-0.5 tsp
-1 tbsp of olive oil
-1 tsp sugar
– sausages
melted cheese in plastics

Cooking method:
In kefir pour soda, stir. When it stops fizzing and foaming, add the remaining ingredients and knead the very soft dough. My flour took a little more than a kilogram. Wrap the dough in film and let it soak for 2 hours.
Cut the sausages into slices and fry on all sides. You can not fry, but it tastes better.
Split the dough into pieces, roll out the cakes (not very thin). Put the stuffing on each one: for children, I put plastic cheese and sausage, and for my husband – I smear with mustard or spicy horseradish and a sausage on top.
Wrap in the shape of a pie.
Fry in grows. oil to ruddy.
If you do not like crispy crust, then the patties need to be put in a pan and cover with a lid so that they are slightly otmykli.
Enjoy your meal!

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