Chinese New Year 2021

Homemade cream cheese


– 500 grams of ryazhenka
– 500 gr kefir
– 250 gr sour cream
– 0.5-1 teaspoon salt (depending on the desired taste)


1. Mix dairy products with a fork until smooth, add salt (it is possible and not to salt, if, for example, you plan to make a cheesecake from it).
2. Throw the resulting mass into a colander, covered with gauze or 2-3 layers of good kitchen towels (such that it is thicker if you do not want to eat paper). We lay this construction on top and … for 24-36 hours we forget it in the refrigerator
3. That's all. This homemade cream cheese is 100 times more delicious than Almette, not to mention other cheeses.

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