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Denial of popular myths about food

All the myths about food from this collection, probably, are well known to you. It is so? And today we invite you to familiarize yourself with the scientific refutations of the most common myths that you can learn further. It is always useful to learn something new and interesting, especially about the things we face almost every day.

1. Bacteria accumulate on wood cutting boards
This is not true. Disinfect boards thoroughly and don’t believe ads that promise antibacterial coating.
2. Salt water boils faster.
Chemistry proves the opposite: no matter how much salt, it does not affect the boiling point of water.
3. Eggs raise cholesterol.
The level of cholesterol is affected by saturated fats and trans fats. In the egg about 1.5 g of fat, and trans fats and not at all.
4. Aluminum dishes excrete toxins that cause Alzheimer’s disease.
Scientists have shown that all aluminum is recycled by the kidneys, and cannot provoke Alzheimer’s disease.
5. Energy drinks give energy.
Sugar gives a short burst of energy, and caffeine prevents drowsiness. There is no energy production, but obesity and insomnia.
6. Fried food leads to heart attacks.
Scientists have not identified the relationship between heart disease and the use of fried foods.
7. It is necessary to eat in small portions and often.
Scientists have taken into account that such a diet does not affect the loss of excess weight.
8. Vitamin C saves from flu and colds.
There is no scientific evidence to support this.

9. Coffee is bad for the heart.
Tendency to heart disease among coffee lovers is 25% less than that of its opponents.
10. Carrots are useful only raw.
In fact, cooked carrots are healthier. Processing destroys the rigid cell walls that contain the beta quarantine.
11. If you remove the skin from the chicken, it will become less calorie.
Not true. It is necessary to bake or fry the chicken with the skin, this will make the meat more juicy.
12. Carbonated drinks are harmful.
Harmful only flavored carbonated beverages.
13. Spices can cause ulcers.
Spices can cause an unpleasant feeling that is mistaken for an ulcer.
14. Alcohol kills brain cells.
Studies have shown that people who drink heavily have the same number of brain cells as non-drinkers.

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