Chinese New Year 2021

Beautiful salad "Herring under a fur coat"

We proceed immediately to cooking:
– Cook beets and carrots;
– Peel the onion and cut into small cubes;
– Marinate in soy sauce;
– Cook eggs;
Herring fillet cut into small pieces
To form a salad, I took the form for a big cake.
The first bottom layer lay herring.
Then red onion marinated in soy sauce
Peel the eggs, separate the white and the yolk. Protein cut into small cubes
Put the protein on the onion. I put the freshly made mayonnaise in a plastic bag, made a small hole to make it a fine mesh.
Crumble the yolk, put it on the white, make the net with homemade mayonnaise
Cut the green onions, divided into 2 equal parts, make a layer of onion
Next, first of all boiled carrots and beets using cookie cutters cut out flowers to decorate the salad. Then grab all the remains of beets and carrots.
If you are preparing a salad a day before serving, then it is advisable to close the cut-out decorations tightly in the plate with cling film and decorate the salad immediately before serving so that the decorations appear fresh and beautiful.
Lay out a layer of carrots, a mesh of mayonnaise.
A layer of beets, mesh. Finish with a layer of green onions and decorate the salad with previously carved beetroot and carrot flowers.
Enjoy your meal and a beautiful holiday!

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