Chinese New Year 2021

Baked Smetannye patties under cheese crust


● Pork and beef mince – 450g
● Egg – 1pc.
● Onions – 1 pc.
● Carrot – 0.5pcs.
● Sour cream -100g
● Garlic – 1lt
● Salt, pepper
● Cheese, plums. butter


Peel onion, carrot, garlic, finely chop, combine with minced meat, add egg, sour cream, salt and pepper – mix everything thoroughly, beat well or punch with a blender until fluffy, then form round patties, put them in a mold for roasting, greased drain. butter, cover with foil and put in the oven 200 degrees for 30 minutes, then take out, remove the foil, sprinkle with grated cheese and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes before browning. Serve ready-made chops with any side dish, very tender, juicy cream chops are obtained. Enjoy your meal

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