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13 unusual dishes that blew up the Internet

Trends exist not only in clothes or shoes. The food industry forms its notions of popularity and beauty, offering gourmets to try new tastes and combinations. The outgoing 2018 will be remembered for us by eating bright colors, superfoods, fancy sweets and new ice cream flavors.

We have combined in the selection of strange and unusual dishes so that you can learn about the gastronomic trends of the final year.

1. Candy “Dragon Beard”


Such sweets can only be made by real masters. Sugar filaments twist, stretch, fold and stretch again until they look like hairs. Dragon Beard is not just a Chinese dessert, but a real art of handwork.

2. Blue ramen


Did you see something like that? Traditional Japanese dish of broth and wheat noodles in this color looks unusual. The soup uses a natural dye, which is obtained from seaweed. By the way, the broth is also made egg-yellow, reddish, green and dark blue. I wonder if he paints the language? ..

3. Sea grapes


This product is called sea grapes is not accidental: its small twigs really look like grapes. And also on caviar. In fact, this is a special kind of algae growing in the coastal areas of the Philippines and Vietnam. They say that the dish has an interesting taste and is very useful for the body.

4. Watermelon with ice cream


This trend originated last year, but did not slow down its popularity in 2018. Those who have tried a delicacy say that it is incredibly tasty.

5. Golden donuts


Donuts, along with ice cream, occupied the most hit positions in 2018. One of the most unusual options is a donut, which is covered with real 24-carat gold.

6. Pizza pie


For those who are always not enough toppings, there is a pizza pie. It combines the taste of pizza and the shape of the cake so that all lovers of this dish can rejoice and eat their fill.

7. Matcha Tea Ice Cream


Ice cream with the taste of fruits, berries or nuts is a familiar delicacy. But with green tea – is another matter. The dessert turns out to be unusual, fragrant and tones well thanks to the match powder that is part.

8. Poke


Poka is similar in composition to rolls we are familiar with: it is based on rice or noodles, to which fish, sauce and various vegetables are added. Everything is very simple. An interesting feature of the dish: the ingredients can be mixed in any order and proportions.
Now the most popular dish forms are poke bowls (in a cup), pizza poke and burrito poke.

9. Thai ice cream rolls


Thai ice cream is also called fried because of its unusual way of cooking. The ingredients of the dessert are mixed on a frieze machine, similar to a large plate, and then rolled into thin tubes. Delicacy is prepared in a few minutes right before your eyes.

10. Huge bread


Probably, the trend for huge loaves and loaves went from Vietnam. In this country, gnängon bread is made, reaching a weight of 2–3 kg and 1 m in length. Perhaps they can eat a week.

11. Ice Cream Donuts


What happens if you add sweetness to sweetness? That’s right: even more sweetness. Ice cream donuts are a strange and seemingly tasty combination. No wonder they are so popular. How to make them, you can see here.

12. Combo: coffee + dessert


Some coffee shops have come up with the perfect recipe for coffee gourmets: a hot drink and a dessert right on the lid of the cup. Judging by the popularity, both customers and sellers are satisfied.

13. Fries pizza


Potato pizza or pizza with potatoes? It is not very clear what is more in this dish, but it looks very unusual.

Bonus: dog sauces


“Dogs are people too,” the manufacturers decided and released a line of sauces for them. To dry food seemed juicier. It is interesting to know how the dogs themselves react to such an additive.

What kind of strange and unusual food did you try?

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