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Sunflower Salad with champignons and cheese

The recipe for making salad is a very simple sunflower, the main thing is to have a little desire, a little imagination and ingenuity in order to make the decoration of the salad beautiful and unique. Salad will be a wonderful decoration of your holiday table.
Champignons (pickled or fresh) – 350 grams
Cheese (hard) – 150 grams
Chicken (breast) – 350 grams
Eggs – 5 pieces
Olives – 1 small jar (for decoration)
Chips – 1 medium pack
Boil the chicken in salted water (with your favorite spices), cut into cubes.
Mushrooms (champignons) finely chopped, along with onions, then fry over low heat.
Boil chicken eggs, cool in cold water, grate on a coarse grater (or cut into medium strips).
Cheese grate on a fine grater.
Cut olives into halves.
Lay ingredients in layers:
1 layer – chicken mixed with mayonnaise.
2 layer – a mixture of mushrooms and onions.
Smear with a thin layer of mayonnaise.
3 layer – grated eggs.
Brush with mayonnaise.
4 layer – grated cheese.
Next, make a mesh of mayonnaise, which will be future seeds.
In the role of seeds, we will have halves of olives that need to be placed in each of the squares (as in the photo).
Send the salad in the fridge.
Before serving, add petals (chips) to the sunflower.
Sunflower salad with champignons and cheese is ready!
Enjoy your meal!

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