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Description of preparation:

Chinese dumplings “Jiaozzi” will be close enough to us in spirit, because dumplings in Russia know and love everyone. A distinctive feature between our and Chinese dumplings is a slightly different composition of the dough and exotic ginger in stuffing. Jiaozzi can be cooked in different ways: boil, fry or steam. But today I am sharing a recipe on how to cook in the most popular way – steamed. Also for the stuffing, we will use traditional Chinese spices (seasoning 13 spices and chicken seasoning). If you can try to look for them in large supermarkets in special departments, and you can look on the Internet, you can now buy everything from even the most remote corners of our country. The dish turns out very nourishing, and in combination with a spicy and very bright sauce, just delicious, this dish is not in vain so popular all over the world.

For lunch / For dinner
Main ingredient:
Meat / Flour and dough / Minced meat
Hot dishes / Dumplings / Steamed dishes
Kitchen geography:
Chinese / Asian

In a deep bowl, add flour and starch, mix everything well.

Separate the egg white from the yolk. Protein gather in a saucer or cup, yolk, we do not need to postpone it. To protein add 100 ml. water, a pinch of salt and whisk, add to the flour mixture.

Jiaozi - photo step 3

Now, gently with a spatula or hands, as you prefer, knead the dough. Add some flour if necessary. The dough should be very soft and elastic.

Jiaozi - photo step 4

Wash the feathers of the green onion and finely shred. Do the same for the ginger lobule. If you like more sharply, you can add more ginger chunks. Divide the onions and ginger in two: one for the sauce and one for the mince.

Jiaozi - photo step 5

Now proceed to the stuffing. Add all the spices to the minced meat, water, soy sauce, ginger and green onions. Mix well the stuffing, but rather beat off a little in a deep bowl. So stuffing filled with oxygen and will be more air.

Jiaozi - photo step 6

Now to the test. Roll the dough in a thin layer onto a floured surface to prevent it from sticking. The thickness of the dough should be approximately 1 millimeter.

Jiaozi - photo step 7

Cut out slices on the rolled dough. I take a thin glass and with its help I cut out, very convenient. The size is average, approximately 15 cm.

Jiaozi - photo step 8

For each circle, put a teaspoon of minced meat. The main thing is to have a place for tucks.

Jiaozi - photo step 9

Next, tweak the dumplings like dumplings. In general, they can be made of any form, but I decided to stick to the traditional and convenient form for me personally.

Jiaozi - photo step 10

Now you can send our dumplings to the “bath”, more precisely to the steam bath. 15-20 minutes is enough for cooking. I steamed in a slow cooker. It turns out great.

Jiaozi - photo step 11

While preparing our dumplings, you can make a suitable Chinese sauce. To do this, cut the second part of green onions, crush a clove of garlic and a little ginger, pour vinegar and soy sauce in equal parts. The sauce is ready.

Jiaozi - photo step 12

While we were doing the sauce, our dumplings were ready, they can be boldly served while hot, to the table. Enjoy your meal!

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