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Roses cookies

This pastry is my aunt of the hell, almost every week. And it was absorbed faster than the dough was mixed. I, personally, staggered in the kitchen and I always had more. And so!


For the test is required:
zheltki from three eggs;
200 ml sour cream;
200 g butter / margarine;
a pinch of salt,
300-350 g Myky.

For filling:
White chicken eggs
sakhap – 0.5 stakana or 1 glass cahapa
vanillin on the top


1. Everything is elementary simple here! Separate the yolks from the protein, mix with salt. I add sour cream and melted butter. Still razzok kneading and knead with mykoy. I roll the dough into a ball, wrap it with food film and put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two.
2. After a while, I warm up the oven and prepare the filling. Stuffed proteins whipped with sugar in a thick foam will serve as a filling. Well, there is nothing too difficult here: with a mixer, beat the cakes in a lush foam, gradually introduce saxar, add vanillin and continue to beat even 5-7 minutes to add to the mass of the mass.
3. The dough is divided into two parts, so it is more convenient to work. Each part of it is rolled into the plate and upwards with a squirrel filling. Slowly rolled into a thin roll, the excess filling is removed with a spatula.
I fly on Pyataks. I make this sharp knife in one fast motion. Once, and cut off, so as not to collect the filling with sweat on all the table. Adjusting and correcting already on the opposite
4. I bake 20-25 for t 200 C.

The warmth and comfort of your home!

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