Chinese New Year 2021

Rabbit in mustard sauce

You will need:

rabbit 1 kg
Dijon mustard 4-5 tablespoons
olive oil 2 tablespoons
chicken broth 200 ml
dry white wine 200 ml
cream (20%) 200 ml
egg yolk 1 pc
rosemary 1 sprig
butter 20 g
parsley and dill 1 tablespoon
freshly ground black pepper
How to cook:

Rabbit wash, obsushi and cut into pieces. Put Dijon mustard, salt, pepper in a bowl, pour in olive oil and mix everything. Squeeze the mustard mixture of rabbit and leave to marinate for 1 hour.

Put the rabbit in a saucepan with a thick bottom or a deep saucepan, add a sprig of rosemary. Pour broth and white wine to the rabbit.

Bring the liquid to a boil, slightly salted and cover the pan with a lid (or tighten with foil). Put the pot with the rabbit in the oven, heated to 200 ° C for 50-60 minutes.

Put the finished rabbit pieces into a small clean pan, cover and store in a warm place.

Prepare a mustard-cream sauce. The sauce, in which the rabbit was prepared, process through a sieve and pour into a clean saucepan or saucepan. Cook the sauce over high heat to about half the original volume. In sauce pour cream. Heat the sauce on low heat for 5-10 minutes. Salt and pepper by taste

Add a piece of butter to the sauce and stir to melt the butter. Then remove the saucepan with the sauce from the heat, add the yolk and mix it very quickly so that the yolk does not clot. Add chopped greens and mix again.

Fields of rabbit sauce and serve with any side dish.

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