Chinese New Year 2021

Potatoes with mushrooms in sour cream


● 700 g potatoes
● 400 g fresh champignons
● 300 ml of fat sour cream (25-30%)
● 3-4 garlic cloves
● fresh parsley
● 80 ml of sunflower oil
● salt and pepper to taste.


The process of cooking potatoes with mushrooms in sour cream.
Peel potatoes, wash, cut into thin slices. Rinse well again and allow to drain.
Heat the oil pan. Put the potatoes, fry on the fire a little more than the average. Salt and pepper the potatoes, stirring occasionally, but not often. Fry until the slices are soft.
After that add finely chopped garlic and pour in sour cream. It should slightly cover the potatoes. Make the fire smaller and cook for another 5 minutes.
Wash the mushrooms thoroughly and slice them.
Fry them in vegetable oil until almost ready.

Categories:   Christmas Desserts