Chinese New Year 2021

Palma Salad

– Chicken breast (boiled) – 2 pieces
– Bulb onion (large) – 3 pcs
– Egg (boiled) – 4 pcs
– Cheese – 100 g
– Banana – 2 pcs
– Lemon juice – 1 pc
– Vegetable oil (for frying)
– Olives (canned, for decoration)
– Crackers
– Mayonnaise
– Green onions (for decoration)


Fry the onion, meanwhile sprinkle with banana juice with lemon juice. We prepare all the products. The first layer is laid fried onions. Lubricate with a thin layer of mayonnaise.
Top lay the chicken. Also cover with a thin layer of mayonnaise. On top of the chicken lay out half the eggs.
Then lay out the circles of the banana, on top of the remaining eggs, pour a thin layer of mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated cheese.
Getting to the decoration of the salad.
We cut the olives in half (or use entirely). We collect all halves cut up on the tubes from under the juice.
Of the notched onion feathers, we do not fully make future lush foliage. We put in tubules.
We install our palm trees on the island. Sprinkle crushed croutons or loaves around the palm trees.

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