Chinese New Year 2021

Meatballs with cabbage in tomato-sour cream sauce

Minced meat 1 kg
White cabbage 0.5 kg
Carrots 1 pc., Large
Onion 1 onion
1 egg chicken
Sour cream 200 g
Tomato paste 2 tbsp. l
Black Pepper Peas
Dried thyme (thyme)
Salt to taste
Cooking process
Finely chop cabbage and onions, rub carrots on a coarse grater.
Heat some vegetable oil or butter in a frying pan, and simmer the vegetables on medium heat until half cooked.
When they are soft enough, remove them from the stove and cool. In the meantime, get some stuffing. You need to add an egg, salt and a little nutmeg, and then mix everything well.
Then mix the minced meat with cabbage and form large balls, it should make about 13 pieces.
Fry meatballs on both sides, until their sides are brown, fill them up to half with water.
Let the contents of the pan boil, and add the tomato, spices, pepper and salt.
Simmer everything on low heat for about half an hour, then add sour cream to the sauce and cook another 10 minutes.
Ready meatballs turn out juicy and rather elastic, they perfectly hold a form and do not fall apart. Tomato-sour cream sauce is suitable not only for meatballs with cabbage, but also for other dishes, such as spaghetti or mashed potatoes.

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