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Cottage Cheese Charlotte With Peaches


Cottage cheese – 250 g,
Natural yogurt – 4 glasses on 125 g,
Egg – 2 pcs.,
Wheat flour – 100 g,
Canned peaches – 1 can,
Sugar – 150-200 g.
Baking powder – 2 tsp.


In a bowl combine cottage cheese, yogurt, 70 grams of sugar, egg, mix everything thoroughly. If necessary, sift the flour, combine it with baking powder and mix. Combine flour and curd mass, mix well.

Put the dough in the form with sides, on the dough – halves of peaches. Put in a hot oven at 180 degrees, cook for 35 minutes. At this time, pour the syrup from peaches into the pan, heat, add sugar and boil the mass to the state of caramel.

Cool the finished cake on the grill, pour the caramel on top.

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