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Cocktail "Champagne Kobler" – a step by step recipe with photos

Time for preparing:

10 min


In the treasury of amazing simple homemade cocktails I want to suggest adding this option. Rich flavor of berries and fruits, a touch of cognac and champagne air. Unable to refuse, agree?


Description of preparation:

I am sharing with you a detailed story about how to make a Champagne-Cobbler cocktail. Just want to say that you can use absolutely any berries or fruits that are at hand. This is a special charm of the drink, it can be completely different in taste each time.

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  • Champagne – 60 Milliliters
  • Cognac – 10 milliliters
  • Cherry liqueur – 10 milliliters
  • Lemon juice – 10 milliliters
  • Berries and fruits – 50 Grams

Servings Per Container: 1

How to cook “Cocktail” Champagne Cobbler “”


Squeeze lemon juice and combine it with brandy and liqueur.


Prepare the berries and fruits, peel, chop.


Put ice on the bottom of the glass and then berries.


Pour in brandy with liqueur and juice.


Add champagne to the top of the glass and serve to the table.

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