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Christmas sochyo – step by step recipe with photos


Description of preparation:

For sweets it is better to use only honey. In addition to the main ingredients, you can also add a little poppy, pre-raster it to get poppy milk. If you decide to cook a bowl of rice, the ratio of all components will be the same. According to the Orthodox Church Charter, it is enjoyed in the evening after fully abstaining from food throughout the day. The dish actually turns out very tasty, you can cook it in everyday life. Very beneficial for the body and nutritious.


On the holiday table / Christmas
Main ingredient:
Groats / Millet and wheat
Dessert / Kutya / Sweet
Kitchen geography:
Russian kitchen
Lenten dishes

Prepare all the ingredients.

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Wheat rinse well, pour boiling water and leave for 12 hours. It is possible for the night. Then rinse it again and put it in the pan. Fill with water in a ratio of about 1 to 4 and cook for about 3 hours until fully cooked. If the water is in the process boil, then add.

Rinse dried apricots and raisins, fill with boiling water and leave for 20 minutes.

Christmas Sochiivo - photo step 4

Flush the prepared wheat in a colander.

Christmas night - photo step 5

Transfer to a deep bowl or plate.

Christmas night - photo step 6

Add the raisins to the still-hot wheat.

Christmas night - photo step 7

Sliced ​​dried apricots.

Christmas night - photo step 8

And chopped walnuts.

Christmas night - photo step 9

Add honey.

Christmas night - photo step 10

Mix everything well. Christmas is ready.

Christmas night - photo step 11

Bon appetit and merry Christmas to you!

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