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Chicken rolls with mushrooms

Tasty and light, festive dish that is sure to decorate your table. Healthy chicken rolls are easy to cook.
Dish uniquely pleases the eye and stomach. Usually on the table after the festival, well, at least something remains. Something remains (sausage), but the rolls are gone, every single one. I can safely recommend it as a festive dish and a chic snack. I think you can experiment with the filling. But I like it that way … well, where is it better ??? Served cold. But I think it could be warmed in the microwave if desired.

You will need:

Chicken fillet 2 substrates
Fresh champignons 1 box
Bulb onion 1 pc.
Bulgarian pepper 1 pc.
Spices to taste
Cheese of firm grades 2 look

How to cook:

1. Each breast, I lovingly smeared on both sides with a sharp mixture (mustard, horseradish, and adzhika). We are lovers of spicy cuisine. Breasts, respectively, repulsed. Immediately salted each side. Put aside. Let them lie and soak …
I did not cut the breast into two parts, as many recommend for rolls. Repulsed as is.

2. Cut fresh champignons. And fry them in a pan with onion. On butter.

3. Separately prepare a mixture of cheese and chopped garlic. I have two cheeses. Parmesan and Gouda. Pour mayonnaise home. Slightly.

4. Now on a thick foil, on the breast we fold the layers: cheese mixture, mushrooms, and for color (otherwise pale ones will turn out) red Bulgarian pepper. You can add greenery, but I prefer to decorate it, and not to put on heat treatment.

5. Fold the roll and wrap it in foil.
In my opinion, rolls are pale. Well, of course, they are baked in foil. And I still slightly roasted them more. Purely for beauty.

6. Now the main thing is that the knife is sharp. Cut without noise and dust.
It may seem like a lot of chicken, and the fillings are few. This is not true. Golden mean. This filling is enough to breast did not get dry. All ideally !!

7. Decorate with greens and cherry tomatoes … Please note that our Bulgarian pepper gave the rolls a playful look.

Enjoy your meal.

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