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Chicken in the bank

This is a tasty and simple dish, cooked hostesses in Soviet times. For all its simplicity, it is insanely tasty and tender! Try it, and this recipe will be indispensable for you!


3 cloves of garlic
1 chicken (any parts) 1.5 kg
2 bay leaves


1. Everything is very simple! Take the chicken, cut it into pieces that would fit in the neck of the jar.
2. Salt and pepper to taste.
3. And so – we take the usual two-liter jar (only it should be completely dry!)
4. Fold our chicken in a jar, pouring sliced ​​garlic. The bank must be no more than three-quarters full (so that our delicious juice does not run away)
5. Put a bay leaf on top. Cover with folded several times and press down.
6. Put the jar in the COLD oven and turn on the temperature of 180-200 grams.
7. We are heroically waiting for 2 hours, enjoying the delicious aromas soaring throughout the apartment! And now enjoy!

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