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Chicken in a can

Chicken is cooked in a jar without water and oil, in its own juice. Aromas around the house fly fantastic. The family cannot wait, when at last the dish will be ready.
Chicken in a jar is the closest thing to Russian cuisine. So what if it is not prepared in a clay pot? Do many of them have, in our time? But this method of cooking – witty and very convenient. Because the chicken in the bank (see photo!) Is prepared almost by itself, without the participation of the hostess. Of course, the hostess at the initial stage should help her get into the bank, but that's all! 🙂

Of course, a chicken in a jar is not a fried chicken, which some are willing to recognize as the only tasty one, but fried is not for everyone and is not always useful. In general, this recipe is definitely worth trying and adopting.

You will need:

chicken (1.2-2 kg)
sweet pepper and black pepper
Bay leaf
1 large onion
1 tomato
1 bell pepper
(about vegetables – various options are possible!)
1 three-liter can
tin cover for canning

How to cook:

1. Cut vegetables, chicken too. And then everything is simple: put meat and vegetables with spices in a jar in layers, a layer of meat, salt it, a few peas of pepper, bay leaf, then a layer of a mixture of vegetables, and so on. If the chicken is weighty, then the bank will be almost complete. No need to add any liquid to the chicken can! And you need to cover the jar with a new tin lid without gum and put the jar in a cold (!!) oven. Of course, not at the bottom of the oven, but on the grill or enamel pan for frying (which is more convenient, you can push along with the can to look or reach), which, of course, have to be lowered to fit the jar.

2. So, we put a jar of chicken in the oven, light it, and forget about it for 1.5 hours.

The result: a tender, fragrant, awesome chicken with delicious vegetables.
In general, such a chicken in a jar is an open space for creativity. If the chicken is large, 2 kg or so, a lot of vegetables in the jar will not fit. If the chicken is smaller, it makes sense to take more vegetables. You can experiment with any vegetables, add coarsely chopped cabbage, potatoes, lemon or orange slices (not potatoes!), raisins and prunes, and a lot of things! Experimenting with different products, you can easily find your own, the best, unique and unique recipe for chicken in the bank.

Enjoy your meal!

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