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Chebureks home

This is the easiest and delicious cheburek recipe I've ever tried!
You will need:
-Milk cow 2 tbsp.
– How much flour will take (how much it will take, it means just enough to make the dough smooth, and to stop sticking out of your hands. And I don’t write as much exactly because it depends on the flour itself.)
-Farsh 0.5-1 kg
– Onion bulb 1 pc.
– Dill 2 bunches
-Sol slightly

How to cook:
1. Pour hot milk into flour, knead the dough. Prepare the stuffing: grind minced meat and onions, add greens and milk (but so that the dough does not spread and keeps its shape, like cutlets) this is done so that the filling does not shrink inside the cake and be juicier.
2. Next, roll out the dough out of the sausage and cut it into circles, which we thinly roll out and spread the stuffing on one half. We fold in half and fasten (I first flatten, and then resemble the sides with a fork for beauty).
3. To simmer on two sides.
Enjoy your meal!

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