Chinese New Year 2021

Caviar of eggs with caviar

– eggs
– cheese
– Red caviar
– mayonnaise
– salt pepper


This magnificent appetizer is very simple and easy to prepare. You need to boil as many eggs as you want to get a pair of ships.
Two ships come out of one hard-boiled egg. Cut the eggs lengthwise into two parts, remove the yolk.
Grate cheese. Grind the yolk with salt, black pepper, cheese and mayonnaise.
Fill the halves of the proteins with the filling. Put a little red caviar on top (you can substitute caviar for peas or corn).
We cut out thin strips of cheese of a rectangular or triangular shape and we pin on a toothpick or skewer, in the form of a sail, and stick into halves of eggs.

Categories:   Christmas Desserts