Chinese New Year 2021

Cake "Bear in the North"

It will take:

1 tbsp. Sahara
1.25 art. sour cream
200 g soft butter
2 tbsp. flour
2 eggs
1 pack baking powder

For cream:
2.5-3 Art. sour cream
2.5 Art. Sahara

Knead the dough, divided into 2 parts.
In the first add 1-1.5 st. flour.
In the second – 2 tsp. cocoa and 1-1.5 st. flour
It should make a soft dough that can be rolled into cakes.
Roll out 4 cakes from each type of dough and bake. About 5-8 min. on each. White cakes should redden slightly, note the time and bake brown cakes for the same amount.
For cream, mix sour cream with sugar and whisk together.
Cool the finished cakes a bit if you need to cut off the excess (I usually put the lid off the pan and cut it off) and while they are still warm (not hot !!!) immediately smear with cream, alternating white and chocolate cakes.
Optionally, you can pour the finished cake with chocolate icing. Leave for a couple of hours on the table so that it is soaked and then put into the fridge overnight.
Enjoy your meal!!!

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