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A few rules to make your fried potatoes tasty and beautiful

– Potatoes should be dipped in well heated oil in a pan
– mix no more than 3-4 times for all cooking
– salt at the very end
– onions or garlic, as well as spices, are added 3-5 minutes before being cooked, otherwise they will be burnt
Cut the cut potatoes into hot oil over high heat and do not touch for 3-4 minutes until the crust sets, then gently turn it over with a spatula, reduce the heat to slightly less than average, cover with a lid and cook it for 7-9 minutes.
Then gently mix, cover and cook another 7-9 minutes.
Then I add onions or garlic, and sometimes all together, pepper, salt, and again gently mix and bring on a little more high heat to readiness without the lid

You choose the degree of rosy for yourself and do not forget that potatoes can be of different varieties, so the cooking time for this factor should also be taken into account.

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